Business Email

A hosted email solution manages your email systems for you, delivering messages to your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Hosted email gives a secure, reliable and cost effective email solution, for any size business.

starting from £ 20/Year

Business Email linked to your domain name

Entry level email suitable for anyone. Personalise your email address with your own domain name.

Basic Email Only Hosting


Per Year

  • For 1 Main Domain
  • 300MB Disk Space
  • 3GB Bandwidth (per month)
  • 10 Email Accounts
  • Control Panel Included

Premium Email Only Hosting


Per Year

  • For 1 Main Domain
  • 1GB Disk Space
  • 10GB Bandwidth (per month)
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Control Panel Included

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hosted Email ? We have all the answers for you......

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Standard Email is an entry-level business email solution suitable for anyone looking to upgrade from free webmail to a personalised business email address.
Free email solutions are often limited – in both what they can do and reliability. They are also not really free, but funded by advertising sponsored services. It means you share a lot about yourself, and can be bombarded with unsolicited content.

You also are stuck with a limited choice of email addresses, having to choose from the available ones. With paid email you can get a personalised business email address, i.e.
If you already have your own domain name you can point it to our servers for use with your Standard Email package, or you can register a new domain name with us. You can then use this domain name to create personalised email addresses – each with their own mailbox.
This depends on the plan you select. Basic Email Hosting comes with 10 personalised email addresses and Premium Email Hosting comes with 100, each with their own mailbox.
A business email address looks more professional and helps for brand recognition. Having an email come from gives off a more trustworthy impression to your customers.
IMAP & POP. Through the widely supported IMAP and POP email protocols, Our Email Plans will work with virtually every device.

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